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Stay Informed

Getting support for the products you care about most often involves searching for phone numbers, receipts, warranty information, and serial numbers. This process is unorganized, time consuming and only done when absolutely necessary.

The Xoult app lets you easily add products using barcode and image recognition. Details on your product, along with customer service contact info, immediately fill in to get you the support you need asap. Organize your products and quickly access support.
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Stay Safe

Discovering that your product has a safety recall or warranty expiring usually happens when it’s too late. Defects on protective products like car airbags, child safety seats and more can be life threatening and shouldn’t be news you wait to receive.

Stay safe and get the support you deserve from notifications on product recalls and upcoming warranty expirations. Find self-help tips by watching videos or downloading support manuals. Secure your peace of mind –
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Stay Organized

Declutter your files in no time – the Xoult app neatly arranges all your products and stores them in one place for easy access.

Add your product once and be done with it! With the option to store detailed data like SKU, model #, receipts, pictures, etc, the Xoult app stores everything you may need. Share your info with friends who want recommendations, manufacturers that need proof of purchase, or with insurance companies that owe you money. Simplify your records.
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